Sl. shot in the arm; stimulation, animation, invigoration, motivation, galvanization, inspiration, vivification, rallying, enlivening, livening up, awakening, waking up, shaking up, reviving; promotion, lurtherance, advancement, advance; support, advocacy, patronage.
2. embrocation; bathing, washing; heating, warming.
3. poultice, counterirritant, mustard plaster, plaster; liniment, ointment, salve, liquid, oil, lotion.
1. alluring, inviting, tempting, tantalizing, irresistible; charming, captivating, intriguing, fascinating, entrancing, beguiling, intoxicating, bewitching, enrapturing; attractive, desirable, seductive, sensuous, Inf. sexy; ravishing, voluptuous, luxurious.
2. angering, incensing, enraging, infuriating, maddening, outrageous, shocking; exasperating, exacerbating, disquieting, discomposing, distressing, ruffling, chafing, vexing, vexatious, galling, grating; annoying, irritating, aggravating, irksome, fretting, hectoring, nettle-some, nettling, perturbing, tormenting, plaguing, badgering, pestering, persecuting, harassing, besetting; insulting, affronting, offensive, offending, stinging, wounding, molesting, mortifying, humiliating.
3. instigating, instigative, actuating, initiating, generating, starting, causing, effecting, contriving, establishing, creating, instituting; fomenting, agitating, agitative, agitational, exciting, excitant, excitative, excitatory, arousing, rousing, stirring, inflaming, enflaming, enkindling, kindling, impassioned; eliciting, evocative.
4. inciting, incitant, incitive, poking, prodding, pricking, thrusting, goading, prompting, spurring, encouraging; impelling, compelling, constraining, pressing, pushing, moving, forcing, propelling, lashing, driving, hounding; striking, penetrating, disturbing, bitter, caustic, acrimonious, envenomed, venemous, biting, cutting; stimulating, animating, invigorating, motivating, inspiring, inspirational, rallying, reviving, awakening, enlivening, livening up, vivifying, electrifying, electric.
5. inducing, producing, productive; promoting, furthering, forwarding, fostering, favoring, favorable, advancing.
6. stimulus, incentive, motive. See provocation(def. 4).

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